" Leadership is practiced not so much in words but as in attuitude and in actions." - Harold S. Geneen

Monday, January 16, 2012

TED Video ..


Living Beyond Limits
I found this video and after watching it, I was truly inspired! In this short video Amy Purdy talks about living beyond limits and achieving our dreams. Amy Purdy always dreamed of becoming a professional snowboarder. In the video Amy says “I went home from work early one day with what I thought was the flu and less than 24 hours later I was in the hospital on life support with a two percent chance of living  ... the doctors diagnosed me with bacterial meningitis and after two and a half months I lost my spleen, both my kidneys, the hearing in my left ear and both my legs below the knee”. For the next few months Amy said she slept as much as possible to escape reality. She asked herself “If life were a book and I was the author how would I want this story to go?”. From that moment on Amy decided she wanted more out of life and was determined to snowboard again. In this video Amy shows us that we can overcome the toughest obstacles. Not only did Amy walk again, she achieved her lifelong dream and became a professional snowboarder! Amy won two “World-Cup Gold Medals” and became the “highest ranked adaptive snowboarder” in the world. We face obstacles everyday that we feel we can’t overcome, but after watching this video I now know that we can either let the obstacle stop us or we can get creative like Amy did and find a way to go beyond what limits us and achieve our dreams.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

About Me .. :]

Hi, my name is Brooke Watson and leadership is a very important part of my life. I believe that being able to lead and help others in even a small way really does make you feel good about yourself. Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to participate in numerous activities that have helped me obtain a variety of leadership qualities. These qualities have not only helped me become a better leader but have also assisted me in my everyday life. My parents have definitely played a major role in me becoming the leader I am today. They had always supported anything I have wanted to do and made sure I had the opportunity to be involved in various activities that have helped me become a more outgoing and confident person. My parents have always encouraged me to help others whenever I can and to always try my very best, because of this I now have a great work ethic and try and succeed in anything I try.
I joined Kenpo Karate at a young age, and at the time I had no idea that it would aid in my leadership abilities. Through participating in tournaments, I gained confidence in myself and became a more outgoing person. When I was thirteen I received my 1st degree Black belt, I had to put in many hours of practice and stay dedicated. I feel that dedication is a very critical part of being a leader. Without this leaders would not be able to continue trying after one of their ideas didn’t work. After I received my Black belt I became a volunteer instructor. Through instructing, I gained communication skills and also acquired a great deal of patience.  Having to teach a variety of ages improved my public speaking skills and I realized that you have to encourage different people in different ways. This is much the same when leading a volunteer project, not everyone involved has the same abilities so it is better to work with the strengths of everyone in the group to be successful.
As a volunteer, I have discovered that instead of being paid in money you are paid in the gratitude of others around you and also the knowledge that you have helped someone. Over the past few years I have volunteered for different causes such as Unicef and the Janeway Hospital. Collecting donations and spreading the word for these causes have helped me realized how important it is to care for others. Leadership is not just about being in charge and taking responsibility but also about caring and working together to help others.
Through school I have been given many opportunities to become more involved with leadership. I love playing sports and try to join every sports team our school has to offer. Playing team sports has taught me to work well with others and has really improved my communication skills. Since Jr. High I been involved in student council and also a student representative for school council. This has given me a sense of responsibility and I really enjoy representing the students of our school and making sure any ideas that we may have are addressed.  As a part of student council we take it upon ourselves to make school more enjoyable and fun by planning theme days, school events, dances and presentations that will interest the students of our school. I have also participated in a number of Provincial Student Leadership Conferences over the past few years and have had the chance to take workshops that helped to improve leadership skills and also new ways to motivate students at your school. PSLC also gives me the chance to meet people who have many of the same interests as me and who share my love for being a leader! After attending these conferences, I have met so many awesome people and have made many new friendships. Since I go to a smaller school I have to use CDLI (center for distant learning) for some of the courses I take. This has enhanced my work ethic tremendously because I am being taught through the use of technology so you need to have excellent time management skills to stay on task and meet deadlines, you also have to be more independent because your teacher is not able to help you all the time. For the past few years I have been involved with the “Tutoring for Tuition” program. Knowing that you are able to help other students improve their grades and their confidence in themselves is awesome. This experience has made me realize that I enjoy interacting with others and having a person you tutor come up to you and tell you how excited they are because they have improved their grades is very rewarding. Being a member of my school’s Drama club was also a fun experience. School has also given me the chance to apply for the Horizons program. Becoming a horizons student gave me the ability to partake in a truly Amazing experience. While taking part in the Leadership Development Weekend I met so many wonderful people who shared similar interests and had a blast getting to know them. By the end of the weekend we had made awesome new friendships and we couldn’t wait to see each other again! The activities we participated in during the weekend allowed me to further develop my leadership skills and taught me new ideas to use at my school.
After high school I plan to pursue a career in pharmacy. I think that this career path is great for me because it will enable to me to interact with many people and use my leadership skills in my job. By doing this I am certain that I can become the best I can be at my occupation. In such a short amount of time, I have had many different experiences from Karate, Tutoring or volunteering that has helped tailor my leadership qualities and am looking forward to seeking other ways to do this. I will continue to find ways to use my leadership skills to help myself and others around me. Some time ago I found this quote; “My mission is to leave behind me the kind of impression that will make it easier for those who follow”. At first I didn’t really think that this quote could possibly pertain to me but then I realized that being a leader is doing just that, leaving behind an impression that others can use to guide them so they too can assist others and know the feeling of being able to say that they were a part of something important.