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Monday, January 16, 2012

TED Video ..


Living Beyond Limits
I found this video and after watching it, I was truly inspired! In this short video Amy Purdy talks about living beyond limits and achieving our dreams. Amy Purdy always dreamed of becoming a professional snowboarder. In the video Amy says “I went home from work early one day with what I thought was the flu and less than 24 hours later I was in the hospital on life support with a two percent chance of living  ... the doctors diagnosed me with bacterial meningitis and after two and a half months I lost my spleen, both my kidneys, the hearing in my left ear and both my legs below the knee”. For the next few months Amy said she slept as much as possible to escape reality. She asked herself “If life were a book and I was the author how would I want this story to go?”. From that moment on Amy decided she wanted more out of life and was determined to snowboard again. In this video Amy shows us that we can overcome the toughest obstacles. Not only did Amy walk again, she achieved her lifelong dream and became a professional snowboarder! Amy won two “World-Cup Gold Medals” and became the “highest ranked adaptive snowboarder” in the world. We face obstacles everyday that we feel we can’t overcome, but after watching this video I now know that we can either let the obstacle stop us or we can get creative like Amy did and find a way to go beyond what limits us and achieve our dreams.

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  1. Super inspirational video Brooke! It's amazing to hear her talk about how far she's come since she lost her legs. Really great post!